Usul Addin

Usul Addin

The Department was established in 1992. It awards a Bachelor  Degree  in Usul addin after a successful study of (132) credit hours. Currently, there are 14 faculty members holding a  Ph.D degree. It  also supervises the Qur’anic Recitation Program (Telawah and Tajweed) with a modern laboratory equipped with computers and audiovisual aids to train students in the field.

At the graduate levels, the  Department offers both  an M.A. in  Usul Addin and a Ph.D. in Tafseer (Qur’anic interpretation, Qur’anic Sciences, and Hadith).

The department also inclouds the holy Quran program connects with teaching recitation of the Quran and memorizing the Surahs, beside the Laberatory of recitation. More over arrangements are put to develop this program to be a department of Qira'at (Quranic Readings ) in future in God willing.

Like the other departments of faculty of Shariah and Islamic studies the department participates in general activities toward the faculty, University and the Local Society.

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