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Organized by the Faculty of Sharia and Islamic Studies in collaboration with the local community on Thursday 25 / mass Iftar Ramadan

College of Sharia and Islamic Studies organized in cooperation with the local community on Thursday 25 / Ramadan mass Iftar for students coming from more than two dozen Arab and international citizenship. The breakfast was held in the court of the university to prepare a group of members of the initiative, "the best in us." And co-dean of the Faculty of Law Prof. Dr. Mohammad Omari foreign students their breakfast and delivered a welcoming orientation speech in which he explained that this B comes in honor of the guests Kingdom who are an integral part of the people of Jordan, part stressing that these blessed days carries a lot of goodness and blessings, said student Rowan'Awawda Foundation Initiative "the best in us" in her speech that the organization of this breakfast was the third consecutive year in implementation of the saying of the Prophet, peace be upon him: "Whoever believes in Allah and the Last day at home." From this standpoint arranged for this breakfast before the approach of the holy month and we will work hard, God willing, on the establishment of this breakfast in Ramadan each year.