Faculty Events

Harvest Day honoring students information sessions

The culmination of efforts lasted a whole year, the College of Sharia and Islamic Studies organized under the auspices of the Dean of the College virtue Dr. Mohamed Omari, under the supervision and coordination of Islamic media professor Dr. Mohammed Rababa'a celebration in honor of the students distinguished those who participated in the activities and information sessions held and supervised by Dr. Mohammed Rababa'a over the past year.

The celebration of the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Sharia Prof Osama poor, was attended by the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs Dr. Khalid Shouha, and Omsaad Dean for Quality Dr. Ibrahim worship, and the heads of departments and a handful of faculty members and administrative body in the Faculty of Sharia and the university.

After the National Anthem, the ceremony opened with recitation fragrant than the Quran reciter Rtlha Jordan student Nizar Alhiapp, and then threw Dr. Khalid Shouha a welcoming speech in which he stressed the keenness of the College of Sharia and the opportunity for students to learn and acquire useful skills. In turn, thanked Shouha Yarmouk University and the College of General private Sharia singled to thank Dr. Mohammed Rababa'a who had a great effort in holding such sessions and multiple activities, saying "how great and how privileged."

Then he threw Dr. Mohammed Rababa'a activities Musharraf speech in which he pointed out the reason for naming this celebration of the harvest day, saying: "Day of the harvest we are reaping the fruits of what we planted, and we see the fruits of what we have made and we trained." He pointed out the motives of holding these activities and training courses on both sides, the lawsuit and the media, and they came to give our students skills that will qualify them to carry the message of Islam is tolerant and upgrading scientific and advocacy students a level that would qualify them to be competent in themselves still useful for their country and nation.

Rababah He noted that such courses will continue to be an ongoing investigation, God willing, the message Yarmouk University and the Faculty of Sharia in our college graduation scientific competencies combine rooting scientific and practical skills.

Permeated this celebration display on a video display a summary of the activities and information sessions held, produced by the student Islamic media life of Abu Hija, as the ceremony included a presentation of the projects winning students in competitions and courses, including college preacher college and Oaazh, and Best Video Mmentj clip, best Photoshop design, and the winners of the Save and contest management.

At the end of the ceremony, the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Law Prof Osama poor ladder shields and prizes to the winners of the students in these activities, and the ceremony included honoring some of the characters that have had cooperation in the training of students in Islamic media, and notably:

Prof. Dr. Adnan Khatatba professor of Islamic Studies at the Faculty of Law; for receiving a professorship.
Media Munther Abu Hawash, and media Yusuf al-Qurashi; for their cooperation in the training of students at the Islamic Information Center studios massive media training.
Mr. Ibrahim Alawneh Musharraf studios of radio and television at the university; for his cooperation in the training of Islamic media students.
Mr. Anas Al Omari, and Mr. Suleiman Awawda, and Ronza judge, radio and television studios team at the university; for their cooperation in the training of Islamic media students.
Memories of Abu Hija, and Anas Sharman; for their cooperation in the training of Islamic media students.
Russell Rawashdeh, and signs advocacy, coordination and follow-up activities and courses