Success Stories

Best Teacher Award

In 2006/2007 Yarmouk University announced the best teacher in the university for the academic year 2007/2008 the competition and provide a number of teaching at the university faculty members and having filed nominations from academic departments and colleges have been presented to the Council of Deans, where the Council considered the nominations according to the criteria adopted by the university, which includes the development departments, and develop courses that arise in the department and computerization, and the quality of teaching being done by a faculty member, and its contribution to the success of the educational process, the ratio of students to evaluate teacher performance during a specific period.
The College of Sharia prized in this award and obtained by Prof Osama Ali poor from the Department of Jurisprudence and equally with the d. Nidal Irshaidat from the Faculty of Science.
Although the nature of the legal disciplines and predominantly theoretical nature of the college for this award shows how much progress has witnessed this college at all levels and the extent of care that Thoudy by the university administration and the deans of the Faculty of Sharia since its inception in 1990.