Faculty News

Organized by the Faculty of Sharia and Islamic Studies in collaboration with the local community on Thursday 25 / mass Iftar Ramadan

College of Sharia and Islamic Studies organized in cooperation with the local community on Thursday 25 / Ramadan mass Iftar for students coming from more than two dozen Arab and international citizenship. The breakfast was held in the court of the university to prepare a group of members of the initiative, "the best in us." And co-dean of the Faculty of Law Prof. Dr. Mohammad Omari foreign students their breakfast and delivered a welcoming orientation speech in which he explained that this B...

To work within the building and awareness workshop Balermuk about extremism Hussein camps

Organized by the Deanship of Student Affairs at Yarmouk University in collaboration with the National Guidance Directorate in the Ministry of Youth Awareness Workshop on "extremism and terrorism" as part of the work and the construction of the 2016-Hussein camps, where lectured Dr. Osama poor, deputy dean of the College of Sharia and Islamic Studies at the university.

He explained Dr. poor in his lecture, the concept of extremism, pointing out that they are on what God has commanded...

Results Save and manage competition

Held at the Faculty of Law on Monday, 05/06/2016 m for students participating in the contest quarterly save and manage test by the supervisor of the contest, Dr. Mohammed Rababa'a
The results were as follows:

1. Competition Save and manage (5) related to the preservation and interpretation of Nisa ..
Won the competition the student Sabrine Dridi

2. Save and manage (6) related to the preservation and interpretation of Surah Baqarah and Imran (Alzahrawan) ..

Ramadan programs for the Faculty of Sharia

I am pleased to put your hands Ramadan programs transmitted via radio Yarmouk fm during the holy month of Ramadan to prepare and submit a montage and the Islamic Dawa and media students, under the supervision and follow-up of the Islamic media professor Dr. Mohammed Rababa'a:

  1. Program "taught me the Messenger of Allah" with the student Baha Zyoud broadcast daily at 13:30
  2. Program "in the shadow of the verse," with two students: Ikram Ammarin and Hind Al-Issa) a day after...